Hiroshi Kamei Collection


4 MARCH - 1 APRIL 2023

ARTROでは2023年3月4日-4月1日の期間 亀井博司氏のコレクション展「嚆矢」を開催いたします。 ARTRO is pleased to present 嚆矢"Ko'shi," a collection exhibition by Hiroshi Kamei, from March 4th to April 1st, 2023."Ko'shi" means "the beginning of something" in Japanese. 展示作家 Anner Cohen Antonio Tarsis Flora Yukhnovich Diana Sofia Lozano Larissa De Jesús Negrón Louis Fratino Theresa Chromati Diana Sofia Lozano Title Orchid Sports II Year 2020 Medium foam, resin, epoxy, resin clay, acrylic paint, earring studs, steel chains, reflective spheres, silicone Dimensions 70 × 34 × 6 in

Antonio Tarsis Title Untitled Year 2021 Medium matchbox balsa wood and paper Dimensions 41 x 33 cm 16 1/8 x 13 in 亀井博司 1987年生まれ。大阪府出身。サラリーマン現代アートコレクター。社会人1年目から毎年継続的に作品を購入している。国内外の作家をコレクションしており、点数は約100点。ギャラリーでの作品鑑賞の手助けとなる、作家との対談型オーディオガイド制作を行うなど、現代アートの面白さを多くの人に広めることにも関心がある。 Hiroshi Kamei Born in 1987 in Osaka, Japan, Contemporary art collector. He has been purchasing artwork continuously every year since his first year as a working professional. His collection consists of approximately 100 pieces from both domestic and international artists. He is also interested in spreading the appeal of contemporary art to a wider audience, and has created an audio guide program in which he interviews artists to aid in the appreciation of artwork in galleries.

Larissa De Jesús Negrón Title TIME TO ACCEPT REALITY Year 2021 Medium Oil on canvas Dimensions 61×76.2㎝